7 Best foods to increase blood platelets naturally

Blood is one the most crucial elements inside the body and blood platelets are the most crucial elements of blood. If it concerns you that your blood platelet levels may be falling off track, eat these 7 foods.

Platelets are the tiniest cells in the blood that provide protection to human body against excessive blood loss, such as during an injury, by forming clots. If one of your blood vessels gets damaged, it will send signals to the platelets to form a clot and repair the damage. If the blood platelet count falls below normal i.e. 150,000 to 45,000 platelets per microliter of circulating blood, the condition is called thrombocytopenia. It can either be inherited or may occur due to a number of medications or conditions such as dengue, alcohol intake and viruses. You can, however, maintain platelet levels by consuming foods that are rich in iron. Here are some of the best foods to increase blood platelets naturally.