Foods to increase platelets | Effective 7 best food that increases platelets

Effective 7 best food that increases platelets. The trouble concerning platelets, it is important to first consult a specialist and make a diagnosis. In addition to that, it is good to incorporate food that works to keep platelets value normal. Platelets are small pieces of cells that circulate blood. Work on platelets stops bleeding and makes thrombus to heal wounds. Platelets are made of bone marrow and work to protect the body so as not to lose too much blood when repairing damaged blood vessels or injury. In general, the main function of platelets is to control bleeding. Therefore, having blood platelets in the blood is indispensable for us to live. The problem is that there are several diseases that affect platelet function . This may be due to an increase or decrease in platelets, or it may not be functioning properly. As a result, it causes chronic blood disease . Of course, the risk of severe blood loss also increases. Since trouble of platelets causes serious health problems, it is important to first consult a specialist and make a diagnosis. Also, in addition to that, it is good to incorporate food that works to keep platelets value normal .

1. Pumpkin. Pumpkin and its seeds contain amino acids and basic vitamins that help form platelets. Eating pumpkins on a regular basis promotes the ability to absorb protein and vitamin A. These play a major role in the production of small cells of platelets. In addition, pumpkin contains a powerful antioxidant, so it prevents toxins and free radicals from harmful effects. 2. Citrus fruits. Citrus fruits are very good fruits for blood health if you eat an appropriate amount. It is rich in vitamin C which is a basic nutrient that increases platelets in the blood . When vitamin C is absorbed, the health of the immune system becomes strong. Increased production of antibodies reduces the risk of cell damage. 3. Indian Gooseberry. It is a little unusual food and may not be seen depending on the region, Indian Gooseberry contains elements to promote blood and immune health. First, Indian · Gooseberry contains abundant vitamin A, C. Both of these help to shape platelets to protect the body.

In addition, antioxidants abundantly contained in Indian Gooseberry reduce the impact of oxidative stress and reduce the risk of suffering from chronic symptoms associated with the reduction of red blood cell fragments . 4. Aloe vera juice. Aloe vera juice is used as medicine in various scenes. Its health benefits have been utilized for centuries. Because aloe vera contains basic vitamins and minerals, it is excellent in purifying and protecting blood cells.

Nutrition contained in Aloe vera strengthens platelets and inhibits adverse effects of toxins and infectious substances. This prevents the blood from thinning, and it will be able to utilize nutrition to the fullest when blood vessels are hurt. 5. Spinach. Spinach is a green-yellow vegetable that contains very good efficacy in the body . Among them, if it says about blood, it is vitamin K and protein as well . These nutrients play a major role in the formation of platelets that suppress bleeding in case of injury. Spinach juice acts to optimize the blood flow through the veins and increase the formation of these micro-cells at the same time.

6. Papaya. Papaya, and leaves of papaya are said to be useful for the treatment of diseases that affect the function of platelets. Papaya juice and extracts have the function of normalizing blood cell values, but this helps to prevent the onset of chronic diseases . It is not magic that is effective for the condition of the blood, but eating papaya will prompt the formation of platelets. 7. Beats. The beets, off there is an effect of preventing thrombocytopenia by Lee radical anti-oxidants have been included in the wealth. Besides minerals, vitamins A, C, and K are included in beet. These will purify the blood and help to prevent the aging of blood vessels.

When you drink with juice, the defense power of the body is strengthened , and it has the effect of preventing troubles of blood and circulatory system. Treatment of platelet disorder varies depending on the cause, but by eating the food introduced today we will be able to promote the health of the whole body . As an ideal, first consult a doctor. Then you will receive advice based on your lifestyle habits, medication you are taking, therapies and so on.