How To Increase Hemoglobin – What Do Red Blood Cells Do?

Hey everyone, do you know that if your blood is not healthy, you’re not healthy? And so this video is about how to have healthy blood, how to build hemoglobin, get your iron levels up without using some synthetic thing that gives you a terrible constipation. If your blood’s healthy, you’re healthy and here’s the information. Hi, Dr. Jason West and we’re going to talk about natural ways to increase hemoglobin and build blood naturally and so what this video is about is, what is hemoglobin, how to make your blood healthier, why red blood cells are like trucks on the freeway and after watching the video, we’re going to talk about natural ways to build a blood, why synthetic blood builders can cause problems and natural blood builders. So let’s talk about your red blood cells. Your red blood cells are like trucks on a freeway, they pick up oxygen from the lungs and nutrients from the stomach, they deliver them to the organs and tissues, they pick up the waste products and they take it to the liver and kidneys to get out of the body. So essentially, what red blood cells do is, they drop off the groceries and they take out the trash.

Now you can measure this through a blood test, through a complete blood cell count and it’ll tell you your red blood cells which typically should be a little bit less than 5.0, your hemoglobin, your hematocrit, your MCV, your MCHC. Now all of those are important factors for red blood cell health. Now when you see low levels, it’s the most common cause of fatigue and anemia, people can be a little bit white and sometimes they get, you know, they get injured, they don’t heal very quickly, it’s really really important marker for your internal health, your red blood cell health. Now one of the most important things that you can do for red blood cell health is to make sure that you have the right minerals and one of those minerals is really really important. Low levels make you feel horrible, high levels, you get a disease and that is iron.

You want to make sure that you have the right amount of iron in your system and the right source of iron because I see a lot of people that are diagnosed with anemia, they’ll come in and they’ll get ferrous fumarate or ferrous sulfate and what it does is, it just really slows everything internally, it can give them a constiption and if you’re having constipation, if your sewer system doesn’t work right, you don’t work right, nothing works and iron really has a tendency to do that especially synthetic iron. What are some natural ways to get iron into the system? My very favorite way to do that is to do fat soluble chlorophyll. No you know essentially what that is, is it’s refined plant blood and I’m not trying to gross anybody out, I mean you can’t go out and really cut a plan and it’s not going to bleed chlorophyll, anything like that but chlorophyll allows those plants basically to convert sunlight to energy. The real big difference between chlorophyll and human blood is, chlorophyll has a magnesium center and human blood has an iron center and so when you give chlorophyll, it’s really easy to get basically, not only magnesium but it’s really really effective for building blood to increasing hemoglobin levels for normalizing hematocrit and helping red blood cell levels. I found this much more effective than taking some synthetic iron and if you’re using iron as a preventative or without a medical reason, I urge you to consider that, I think it’s really important to get a blood test because if you’re not needing iron and you’re taking it, you could be really damaging your health. Hey everyone, you just watched a video on how to create healthy blood using fat soluble chlorophyll, how you test for it, what to do about it. Remember, we’re across all platforms, we’re always doing podcasts and videos and free reports.

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