Increase Hemoglobin Levels in Kidney Patients

Hello, my name is Dr Puru Dhawan & today in this video we are going to talk about pomegranate. We shall understand how pomegranate helps kidney patient and how it helps improvise levels in a kidney patient. There is one very common problem in all the kidney patients and that is they have low haemoglobin levels. In order to improvise haemoglobin levels and make it better, two things are considered very good. First one is pomegranate. The second one is beetroot. Normally these two things are consumed by people to improvise their haemoglobin levels. So all the patients who come to saisanjivani, whose haemoglobin levels are low are advanced to take injections, , and also take___ injections. So most of the time this question arises in their minds that Dr, Can’t we eat pomegranate or beetroot? So in this video, we would be answering this question that which type of patients of the kidney can eat pomegranate and beetroot, and which type of patients cannot eat pomegranate or beetroot.

Let us first know about the fruit & it’s qualities, that a kidney patient can eat. We have to manage this one thing very well in the body of all the kidney patient’s and that is potassium. Potassium gives power to your muscles and provides energy for your muscles to work. But when your potassium levels become high or more than required, when it is 7+, then it will show a side effect in your body. Your muscles will show fatigue & become tired. Because your heart is also made up of muscle fibres. So the high potassium effect will also be seen on your heart. And how it will affect you? If your potassium levels are 7+, then it is believed that the patient can suffer from heart attack anytime. So it is very necessary to control potassium level in a kidney patient.

And this potassium is best managed only through your diet. If you know what you can eat and what you have to avoid eating, which things have low potassium in vegetables that can be eaten, then your potassium levels can remain in control in a very nice manner. But there is one more problem in a patient, that their haemoglobin levels are low. Now in this, when a patient wants to eat a pomegranate, then you need to know that pomegranate contains high potassium. Pomegranate is considered a high potassium fruit. If a kidney patient’s potassium level is normal, and haemoglobin level is low and want to east pomegranate, then it is observed that their levels improve in a very good way. If the patient’s haemoglobin was 8, Then after a few months, It improves up to 12-13, Without any help of an injection.

But this can only be applicable to patients whose Potassium levels have been normal. So the kidney patients, Who has been struggling with kidney failure, Whose potassium is normal, I repeat again Whose potassium is normal, Only they can eat pomegranate in one cup quantity. When you take a pomegranate, peel it and extract its seeds, then measure it in the quantity of one small cup. You do not need to eat more than one cup. You need to spit out the hard seeds and Only consume juice off each seed. The reason is that the white seeds of Pomegranate contains a high amount of potassium and The red portion contains a high amount of iron Which helps you in making haemoglobin. So you have to take potassium out of your body, So you need to spit out white portion of pomegranate. What you need to do is, Roll the seed in your mouth, Extract its juice in your mouth and Throw away the seed. The patient starts experiencing its benefit within a month. If the patient is taking___ injection and Also eating a pomegranate, Then it is observed that their Bp is also managed in a better way. The BP levels start to improvise and The problem of haemoglobin in the patient Comes in control to quite a large extent, It is observed.

So, Again I would like to repeat and Tell you which type of kidney patient can eat pomegranate and how the patient can eat this fruit. This is very important As sometimes, Without seeing the entire video the patient starts the procedure and the end result is that the patient faces problems. You firstly have to see your kidney function test report and see the potassium. If your potassium is from to 4.5, Then only you can eat a pomegranate. Its quantity should only Be one small cup. You must not Eat its white seed portion. You should never drink pre-packed juice of pomegranate which is available in tetra packs or bottles. Because they contain Stabilizers, preservatives and colouring agents, flavours etc. Please avoid intake of packed juices. You have to take pomegranate, Measure it in one small cup, Spit out the white portion of juice and Drink off the red portion of pomegranate juice. Please check your potassium level every 15 days so that your potassium level should not increase. If your potassium level is maintained on the same level then its fine, But if it starts rising and Touches 5 then You immediately have to stop your intake of pomegranate. After this the most important thing is To control potassium to increase your kidney functioning.

As this is the only thing That can manage your potassium very efficiently and Can also help manage your urea and Creatinine levels. All the patients of saisanjivani Are observing it very nicely that how their levels are improvised and keep getting better and are maintained at normal levels. Both these patients who are not of saisanjivani, Must note that it is very necessary for them to understand Kidney Failure Restoration Treatment and how it works and what does it do basically. When a kidney patient starts KFRT treatment, We increase your kidney functioning, For example, Your kidney is working 50% and 50%. It is not working due to diabetes, BP or any allopathic medicine or Painkiller. Your kidney has been damaged due to any of these and It’s a capability to work or A function has reduced down to only 50%. This leads to a rise in the level of creatinine & Urea in your body. So if you want that the levels of creatinine, Urea and Potassium is maintained, Then the best is that the patient must take very good care of his own dialysis machine that his own kidney and keep a check that there is no problem.

If the patient maintains & Repairs his own dialysis machine, Then he does not require any dialysis machine from outside, No transplant is required. Life becomes good & free of complications. And so for this, You have to increase your kidney functioning. To Increase kidney functioning, Means that Your kidney is able to do more filtration than The first thing that you will notice is that Your urine output will increase. This means that the creatinine & Urea in your body is flushed out of the body through urine.

And the potassium is also excreted out of the body. Now your levels will start to get managed in a better way than before. Since We are working on the kidney, The protein loss observed in a patient through urine will also get in control since this treatment is based on Ayurveda, then the first rule in Ayurveda states that if you want to cure a disease that is “Nidan Parivarjanam”, Means whatever the cause, For kidney patient. Be it diabetes or Your high blood pressure, Start from there.

Start from whatever the cause is and Remove it. We cannot save your kidney from Further damage till these two elements diabetes & BP, Are not in control in your body. It is very difficult to completely take out diabetes from your body. To entirely manage BP In a kidney, the patient is again very difficult. But these things can be brought under control in a very easy way. So this what we do in Kidney Function Restoration Treatment. First, we bring these two things under control and along with it your kidney functioning loss that is happening is worked upon. Once your kidney functioning is improvised the first thing a patient observes is, On the first or The second day is, Urine has increased.

Earlier the patient used to get 500ml of urine, Which now has increased to 800-900ml which is a normal limit of urine. A normal human being excretes 800-1500ml of urine. When a patient is able to do normal urination, it means that the kidney function has improved. Improved kidney functioning means the clearance of creatinine has become better. The toxic materials that had gathered in the body, Have started to come out gradually & slowly. Thereby the levels start to come in control. This is a very nice phenomenon to understand (procedure). So, If your creatinine stays in control, Then also it is a very good thing for a kidney patient. For example, You started the treatment and in this starting month, Your creatinine level is 4. Next month you check, Then also it is 4. This means that in this one month the creatinine produced by your body has been flushed out without any extra accumulation which used to happen earlier.

The extra gathering of creatinine in your body has stopped now. Whatever creatinine is produced, Get excreted out. When we furthermore improvise your Kidney function, The extra stored creatinine will also get easily cleared out due to extra and even more filtration. So This KFRT treatment brings life changing miracle for a kidney patient. It brings patient’ urea, and creatinine levels under control, Saves patient from dialysis and transplant and Gives you many benefits. So if you have any doubts or Questions in your mind and Would like to ask what diet should be taken In kidney failure, How KFRT treatment works, then please call on the number given below. You can take free of cost consultation From our saisanjivani doctors and Ask them how you can further improvise Your kidney’s functioning, How you can be saved from dialysis and transplant. You can visit our website www.saikidneycare.com and fill in your details like: Name, Age, Gender, Since how long have you been facing a problem, What are your creatinine levels, Do you go for dialysis or not, how frequent is your dialysis, you’re any other medical report like ultrasound, colour doppler KFRT report, DTP scan, you can attach them all and send to our doctors. Once our doctors examine your reports and Talks with you regarding which symptoms you suffer from & How did they come up, Thereby our doctors identify the cause behind your kidney failure. Once the cause is identified, The treatment starts from there, Like I mentioned earlier.

Your treatment will design in such a way that Will not only improve and Increase your kidney functioning But also manage The cause of your kidney failure in a better way. We monitor it on daily basis- Be it your BP, Sugar in which you need to prepare a chart and Observe if the levels are decreasing or not, If the levels are not increasing etc, which we make you do on daily basis. The result is, that in the first month, your reports are your evidence that how many changes have come in your body and to what extent. I hope that This video will help you understand Kidney Function Restoration Treatment, Whether the kidney patient can eat pomegranate or not, How patient can eat this fruit and In how much quantity. With this would like to sign off for today. Thank you.